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Voicemail has its uses, for example, when one won't be able to pick up the phone for awhile, but needs to relay a message immediately, or when other forms of communication are not possible, i.e. e-mail or texting is inconvenient or irrelevant.

However, I still usually end up ignoring it, thus rendering most of the pros as moot.

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On the subject of high school friends, just because you're different, doesn't mean you can't be friends.

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Pi is wrong.

Well, actually, maybe it would just be better to use what is currently known as 2*pi. I've always thought it would be easier if sine and cosine had periods that were just pi, not 2pi.

So should pi be 6.283185...? Should pi be the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius, instead of diameter? If so, it would take about 50 years for this to gain any momentum in the mathematical community.

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Two Weeks' Hypocrisy

Monday, October 23, 2006 | 2:45:41 PM

This is something of a two weeks' notice. A notice of my disdain.

One of the rules in band is that any schedule conflict that would require a missed practice must be notified before hand with two weeks of padding.

But this rule is one-sided, it seems.

Numerous time throughout the season, we have been confronted with added practices, new schedules events, more things to do. A week before, ten days, five, even three. We were "notified" of this practice extension on Friday, three days before this practice on Monday.

"Notified". It was a Friday when he spread this information. A B day. Around 1/3 of the students, then, got this information. I don't recall hearing about it at the pictures on Friday or even the competition on Saturday. So not only is this sudden, but it was poorly disseminated.

Finally, there are now rumours that this is a marching rehearsal, contrary to the Monday norms of music. I, at least, would not be prepared for this if it was. Jeans, loose casual shoes, all that. Even if it's just music, this shows how a lack of information will lead to panic.

So, while we are required to give two weeks of notice, the reverse is not necessarily true.

Sure, chain of command has its place, but that doesn't completely dismiss the hypocrisy.


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