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Voicemail has its uses, for example, when one won't be able to pick up the phone for awhile, but needs to relay a message immediately, or when other forms of communication are not possible, i.e. e-mail or texting is inconvenient or irrelevant.

However, I still usually end up ignoring it, thus rendering most of the pros as moot.

(1) Oct 10, 08 - 11:18 AM

On the subject of high school friends, just because you're different, doesn't mean you can't be friends.

(0) Jun 17, 07 - 11:41 PM

Pi is wrong.

Well, actually, maybe it would just be better to use what is currently known as 2*pi. I've always thought it would be easier if sine and cosine had periods that were just pi, not 2pi.

So should pi be 6.283185...? Should pi be the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius, instead of diameter? If so, it would take about 50 years for this to gain any momentum in the mathematical community.

(0) Apr 20, 07 - 1:07 AM

New Layout

Sunday, January 7, 2007 | 2:02:00 AM

So I guess with the new year comes a (desperately needed) new layout. I don't know why I made the last one. I guess I just wanted something orange. While it worked, it was... bad.

So now there's this. It's rather easier on the eyes than a bright orange. It looks a lot better because of that as well.

Plus now that I have access to photoshop, I'm able to play around with images a lot better and thus this came. Not bad, eh?

One thing though... it's untested in IE6 since I don't have it anymore and I don't want to bother. So... sorry. Get Firefox.

This came about because I was tired of CMSes and working with some other sites. But, I'm going to have to do them sometime, because I said I would. And yeah. I can do it, it's just boring/frustrating.

Oh well. Effective procrastination! Instead of doing what needs to be done now, do something with less priority, but still needs to be done. Better than playing Spider Solitaire or Freecell... of which I played two games of each and won all four!

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